DIY: Lilly Pulitzer mirror

 I’ve seen plenty of things on Pinterest throughout the years involving Lilly Pulitzer mod podge crafts. Late last night, my mom and I decided that we were going to put our old planners to further use, with mod podge and a mirror. For people who suck at crafts (like me), here is a SUPER EASY craft that will make you feel like a pro 😉
Supplies needed:

  • Mod Podge (I used matte, but I think any kind would work!)
  • Foam Brush– doesn’t really matter what size, mine was pretty small.
  • Old agenda pages
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Mirror

lilly planner
To make sure no mod podge ran onto the mirror, I outlined it with painter’s tape. While I did that, my mom started cutting strips of the agenda paper.

mod podge planner

I started at the bottom of the mirror, put mod podge on the mirror frame then mod podge on top of the planner paper. The mod podge dries clear and quickly. Then I overlapped my next piece to help it stick better.

lilly pulitzer mirror diy Once I finished putting all of the strips on the mirror, I went back over the entire thing with more mod podge to seal it. Then another time this morning.

   It’s hard to get a full mirror picture without shadows or other things in the way.. 🙂

My mom also cut the phrases from each month out separately, so I may go back and put those on later. With both of our planners (one medium and one large), we have TONS of leftover pages for other projects, like picture frames, canvases, wooden letters, etc. Though this was time consuming, it was definitely worth it! I cannot wait to take this adorable mirror to college with me!

Thanks for reading,

Well Dressed Kentucky Mess


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